"BOLD" - Beverly Hills Open Later Days - Kicked Off Its 2nd Annual Summer Campaign Over The Weekend With A Rodeo Drive Kick-Off Party, Street Performances And An Impressive Live Painting Exhibit By Alexa Meade

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Aug. 6, 2018 NYI/ -- On Thursday, August 2, BOLD officially kicked off on Rodeo Drive with a live performance by artist Project M and the jazz group, Amanda Castro Band, the reveal of the five #BOLDBH social art installations on Rodeo Drive and throughout the city, as well as a spectacular fireworks show. 

Predominantly featured during the first weekend of activities, artist Alexa Meade provided a live painting experience that took place in Beverly Canon Gardens on August 4. Meade most recently painted music superstar Ariana Grande in her latest music video, "God is a Woman."

A crowd watched in amazement as a painted couple, lounging beneath a cabana showcasing Beverly Hills' iconic rooftop pool culture, were brought to life with the female model walking out of the painting down the city's streets.

A self-taught artist, Meade's fascination with space, light and shadow began with an assignment from a professor in her college art class who instructed her to create a sculpture that "felt like a landscape, but was not a sculpture of a landscape." From this, Meade began placing shadows on the human body, creating what has become her signature work.

"Just by creating a mask of [shadow and] light with paint, it completely transformed the space," Meade explains.

Meade has been a TED Talk speaker, featured on national broadcast stations and has appeared around the globe creating special installations. When asked why Beverly Hills is such an attractive destination to work in, she emphasizes the city's cosmopolitan atmosphere, year-round sunshine and picturesque gardens and greenspace.